Insatiable, uncompromising passion: now sold by the slice.

March 30th, 2020: We now have an online store for you to order some of our most popular Oakleaf Cakes baked goods (including vegan), drinks and even gourmet cakes for pickup or delivery on Saturdays! Just get your order in before Wednesday night!
eGift Cards are also now available! – Get one for yourself to use at a later date or gift one to a friend!
As of March 23, 2020, our cafe is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. We are still accepting cake requests via email, just visit our Contact page. As long as we are allowed to provide take-out service you will be able to come to pick up your cake. *

While we might be world famous for our amazingly artistic wedding cakes and sculpted cakes, what truly makes our bakery special receives much less publicity: effort.  It’s our secret ingredient.  We don’t have to grind each cup of coffee individually, or hand squeeze our orange juice a cup at a time, or insist that everything we bake and sell is made on-site from raw ingredients.  If we could bring ourselves to use mixes, or frozen doughs, or a buttercream recipe that doesn’t take 5x longer to make, our lives would be much easier – but that’s not who we are.

We are here because some things are more important than profit margins, convenience or cheap calories.  If we don’t make life-sized cakes of Star Wars characters, few others can, and if we don’t serve the type of skill and labor intensive foods that we serve, no one else will.  Every day customers tell us: “I don’t like cake, but this is good!” or “I don’t like fondant, but this is amazing!” or “This is the best orange juice I’ve ever had!”  But the truth is that there is no magic here.  You just saw us squeeze the oranges directly into your cup.  That’s why it’s different.  That’s why it’s better.  To our surprise, making real food by hand from raw ingredients has proven more novel than even our most whimsical wedding cake.  We truly hope that you enjoy our food as much as we have loved making it.

Custom Cakes

Anything you want, made out of cake.

•• from $200+ ••

Sculpted Cakes

Who says cakes have to look like cakes?

•• from $300+ ••

Gourmet Cakes

Elegant buttercream cakes, ready to go.

•• from $28+ ••

Designer Cakes

Flat rate cakes with fun designs.

•• from $125 ••


Squeezed to order juice. Ground to order coffee & espresso. Freshness in a cup.

Bakery Goodies

Baked on site from raw ingredients. Completely new selection every day.

Cake Decorating Classes

Learn from the best. All cake and supplies are included! Just show up, make something amazing, and take home whatever you create!

•• from $85+ ••

Yeah... We’re kind of a big deal...

Epic Cakes

Yes, these are cakes.
See how they were made & subsequently devoured.

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