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Cake.  The way we see it.

Cake is more than a sugary dessert.
It’s better than that.

People love their cakes.
They hold them up and take pictures with them.

amanda little cake

Cake is the centerpiece of your party.
It’s the entertainment.
It’s what people will remember.


No one ever takes a picture with a salad.

Or with decorative napkins.

Cake doesn’t come from a box.
And frosting doesn’t come from a tub.

German Chocolate Cake

Tubs are not appetizing.

Real cake takes time.
And practice.
Which is just another way of saying time.

Cake also takes foresight.
And engineering.
Because a cake’s natural state is that of “lump”.

Custom Dog Cake Structure

You should say: “Cake shouldn’t be able to do that.”
And you would be absolutely right.

Sculpted bulldog groom's cake

But that is what makes it all the more amazing.