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For the love of cake:



In September of 2008 Amanda had the crazy idea she could combine her passion for art with her love of sugar, and thus Oakleaf Cakes was born in the kitchen of her one room Boston apartment. That effort blossomed, and today Oakleaf Cakes has a gorgeous storefront (you should visit!) and an amazing staff of insanely dedicated artists.

Amanda has been featured as a competitor on the Food Network Cake Challenge, and her work can be seen in many magazines and various other publications across the country.  Having been formally trained as an oil painter at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she approaches cake creation like any other art form -except, in this case it’s also delicious.

But it’s not all about Amanda any more.  There’s a whole crew of us who work every day to keep things tasty!


Tyler is the co-owner of Oakleaf Cakes and an all-around-nice-guy.  In addition to handling most of the business-related issues, fixing stuff and coding the website, he is responsible for engineering the more complex cakes, as well as a good deal of cake sculpting. As if helping to run Oakleaf Cakes wasn’t enough, Tyler is a dedicated music researcher, educator, composer, and author.  In 2010 when Amanda was asked to appear on the Food Network Challenge, Tyler played the role of assistant decorator.


Elizabeth "Liz" Sutton

Liz is our “Deputy Decorator” because all wonderful people deserve fancy titles.  And Liz is truly wonderful at what she does.  Do you need a cute little animal to put on your cake?  Bang!  Liz is on it.  In the mood for some sugar flowers?  Pow!  It’s like she’s wearing a freakin’ cape!



Tim has a degree in sculpture and he puts it to good use turning ordinary flour and sugar into delicious artwork.  If it looks too realistic to be cake, eat it anyways -Tim likely spent several hours making it look that way.


Krystle is our newest addition to the Oakleaf Cakes team.  With her exceptionally sweet demeanor, degrees in painting and art history, and more talent than you can shake a stick at, she has proven herself to be one of our most prized gems.




These 3 decorators have been with us for up to 3 years.  They are the seniors around here.  We’ve hired several talented decorators, bakers and artists recently for our big move to Boston.  Stay tuned for more info on our entire staff as our new About page is coming soon.


And that’s us.

And that’s it.  Everything you see on the site, all the cakes, all the cheesecakes, all the cupcakes, the site itself: it was all done by us, by hand, the hard way.  Everything we make starts out life as flour, butter, and sugar.  There are no “magic boxes” from which our cake comes.  We make all of our own buttercream, all of our own marshmallow fondant, all of our own gumpaste.  Everything.  From Scratch.  By hand.

The result?  It’s just plain better.  There are no secrets here.  No magic.  No special abilities or powers.  Just hard work.  If our cakes look better, it’s because we spend more time on them.  If they taste better it’s because we go through the work of making actual food instead of having processed stuff shipped in.  We care about our cakes, because you care about them too.