For the love of cake:

Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop was founded by Amanda Oakleaf in 2008 in the mini-kitchen of a Boston studio apartment.  Demand grew rapidly, and in the spring of 2010, Amanda, along with her husband Tyler opened their first storefront in Winthrop, MA.  In 2013 the store again expanded, moving to its current location in Boston, right next to Symphony Hall.

Coming from meager origins with not much capital or resources, our constant and unwavering focus from the very beginning has been on achieving the absolute highest possible quality in everything we do. Sometimes we do our jobs so well it makes national news. Since 2010 we”ve been featured on Food Network, CNN, TLC, The New York Times, and countless others. In 2013 we were awarded the prestigious Best of Boston award by Boston Magazine for our amazing cakes and desserts.

Amanda & Tyler Oakleaf – Owners

After studying oil painting at Mass Art, Amanda combine her love of art and food, and Oakleaf Cakes was born.  Tyler studied music at Berklee College, but has transitioned into a great cake “engineer” as well as running much of the day-to-day business.

We now have a large and talented staff of artists and bakers who are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in our craft. Hover over their photos to check out their stories and learn about the completely amazing people who make a crazy little bakery like ours possible!

Brian – Office Ninja

If you order a cake, there”s a good chance you”ll end up talking to Brian at some point.  He has the patience of a saint and is eager to help ensure that every detail of your order is understood and executed to perfection.  He also enjoys wearing black and moving silently when not on the phone with customers.

Kathy – Buttercream Queen

Kathy is the newest member to our decorating team. With her royal attention to detail she rules over our gourmet cakes with an iron piping bag.

Krystle – Sugar Master

Krystle is Oakleaf Cakes resident figurine whizz. With her exceptionally sweet demeanor, degrees in painting and art history from Mass Art, and more talent than you can shake a stick at, she has proven herself to be one of our most prized gems. /pun

Michelle – Illustrious Illustrator

Michelle has a degree in illustration from Mass Art, and every cake she touches oozes life.  Her specialties include watercolor painting in food color, sugar sculpting, and anything that needs to be extra cute!

Siobhan – Baker

Siobhan gets it done!  With a culinary degree from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, she is a trooper behind a mixer, whipping up goodies galore!

Michelle – Baker

Michelle has that magic touch that makes goodies even goodie-er.  She also attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and makes one mean cheesecake (among other amazing things).

Bridget – Baker

Bridget likes to get creative in the kitchen, always dreaming up new creations.  She attended Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, and loves putting her experience to use making more tasty treats than you can shake a whisk at!

Rue – Pantologist

Decorator by day, barista by night, buttercream and fondant maker also by night sometimes, she is a true jack-of-all trades.  Do you need a beautiful gourmet cake?  Bang!  Rue is on it.  In the mood for a latte?  Pow!  It”s like she”s wearing a freakin” cape! – But she”s not, because that”s quite litterally her weekend gig.

Domanic & Aaron – Cleaning

All too often the hard, dirty, behind-the-scenes work that keeps a business running goes unnoticed.  Not so here.  Domanic, and his older brother Aaron do the important work that keeps our ship ship-shape and we couldn”t be prouder of the job they”re doing!